In early 2015, we created Simply Visual Productions to make doing what we love our career.  


Simply Visual is a company that specializes in photography and videography, bringing a unique style of simplicity to our clients through our work. We strive to make every project our best, not only for us, but for you as well. 


Vin DeMilio
Co-Founder, Creative Production, FAA Certified

I have been into videography my entire life. Towards the end of my college career I realized that I could use my love for video to create my own business. It didn't occur to me before then that I can do what I like for a living. As long as I do what I do best, the work will come. Ty and I talked about it for months and decided to create Simply Visual Productions. It's been an awesome journey getting to know so many different people through our experiences. I am consistently improving my work every day and am honored to run this business with my good old roommate.

Ty Poland
Co-Founder, Creative Production, FAA Certified

I've been doing photography and video for about 6 years now and have worked several jobs in the field. It wasn't till after college that I realized I would like to have my own company where I can create work that matters to me. I created Simply Visual Productions with Vin because I see the passion he has to grow this company with me and I am happy to be doing something I love! For more about me, visit my personal site.